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Dating & Sex during the pandemic

The pandemic has caused a lot of stress for single men and women. What are dating options during a pandemic? The vast majority of restaurants and movie theaters are closed or have limited capacity. Further, being in even close proximity to potential paramours increases health risks.

Sex and intimate contact is even more challenging during the pandemic. The idea of kissing somebody that might have COVID-19 causes grave concerns. Staying six feet away on a date can also be awkward with the added anxiety of the date atmosphere.

Safe Dating and Sex Amid the Pandemic

Safe dating is still possible during the pandemic. For instance, if you two share any mutual friends who want to host a pandemic party, then you can go to the party and maintain your distance between everyone. Some couples will sit on separate couches or chairs as they watch a movie. This may not sound intimate, but at least you get to spend some time with your date.

Some dating websites strongly recommend avoidance of kissing or oral sexual contact, particularly as COVID-19 is transmitted through the mouth and nose. If a couple is insistent on sex, some sites have recommended sex from behind while both parties wear surgical masks.

A safer alternative is to keep dating and sex in the virtual world. For instance, watching movies together from separate locations while video chatting on the laptop or on the smartphone.

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